Sick to death of waiting

As you have constantly ignored all 20 emails ive sent you as youve decieved me and lied to me about my switch over im cancelling my switch to you youve only supplied me for 7days and its been nothing but stress and sleepless nights i still have no gas and you keep ignoring me obviously lots of people are complaining about your non existant customer service and you obviously dont have anywere near enough staff so this is 1 less customer for you to worry about now as today im going to buy electric heaters and just use electric so you can take this meter out my house for all i care because ill be sending you your card back and never using it again useless company this by far the worst ive ever delt with in all my 40 odd years of existance i wouldnt recomend you to my worst enemy.

That’s one impressive sentence. Here, have some punctuation …,…,.

Is the problem a faulty gas card? What happened when you phoned them up to ask about the problem?