Siemens keeps cancelling appointments

Hi all,

So I opted to have a smart meter installed and set a date in the beginning of July for one of those 8am-2pm appointments, took myself off work to be home just to then get a call around 11am to say they are not able to attend due to engineer illness. £30 credit, rebook for end of July for a 2pm-6pm appointment. Apparently notes all over my booking to say do not cancel. So I take myself off work again to be home for this for the afternoon. Yet at 5pm I get a call to say engineer on the previous job and stuck, won’t make it to me. £30 credit and rearrange.

So I have rearranged again, but I am losing faith in these guys ever actually showing up. Anyone else been in this situation? I can’t keep on taking time off work for this, so if there are other examples of this just never happening I’d rather cancel the whole thing altogether.

My installer turned up on time but a figure of £300.00 would be more acceptable .

Hi @anyca

I’m sorry to hear this. Taking time off work for an installation that doesn’t go ahead is certainly frustrating.

We’ve reiterated the need not to cancel the next appointment. Be sure to let us know if it has been s successful a third time around.

Hi @“Eleanor at Bulb”

I wish I could say that. I am 3 half days short on work and the job has still not been completed. I sent my feedback in on August 22nd, but no-one from Bulb side has bothered to even reply. It is annoying, frustrating and a true nuisance which has now cost me a day and a half’s salary - something I am sure Bulb is never intending to put right. Just beyond disappointed…