Sign on promise

I was persuaded to sign up to your supply with an offer of a I pad and am still waiting for it or was it a con trick to get me to use you----this was April 2018 and I am still waiting ---- have phoned you with the same query and have been promised call back but have had none-----disappointed with your customer relations , at the moment happy with your supply so come on sort it out please

Malcolm Stubley

I’m just another customer. I don’t recall seeing Bulb ever offer a free iPad when switching supply. Are you sure this wasn’t a third party offer, in which case you need to be chasing up whichever company that was. I somehow doubt anyone was offering an iPad for switching supplier, so yes it’s likely that you were conned but it wasn’t Bulb that was doing the conning.

I trust you still have some paperwork showing the offer so that it can be followed up?

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