Sign Up Query

Just completed the online sign up to switch over to Bulb. I went through the steps following an online quote on the Bulb site for supplying both electricity and gas to a one bed apartment. After looking through the welcome pack under ‘Your Energy Supply Agreement’ I’m only seeing details relating to electricity supply, is this normal? Where are the details relating to gas supply? Thanks.

HI, I have the same query as Gavin. I need to enter both electricity and gas meter readings but its only asking for electricity and my tariff is only showing electricity

Hi both,
It’s just a result of missing the drop-down to select your gas address on the sign up page. It’s easily done and we let you know if you missed it.
@gavin1157 I can see you’re responding to my colleague’s email requesting for your gas meter numbers
@robert7648 We sent you an email asking for your gas meter numbers on the 21st August and I’ve just resent it today to you. If you can respond to that email, we will bring your gas meter over as soon as possible