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i dont know the password for my account

i dont know the password for my account

I would contact the Bulb team direct as they are best placed to assist you.

i lost my voice to cancer i cant use phone

If you can’t call, then please email them at (see ) . If you have a disability which prevents you using the phone, have you heard of the Text Relay service ( ) which is free to use for forwarding calls and can be installed as an app on a mobile device or on your PC/laptop?

@qwe7rty8, there are a number of options to allow you to log in

Presuming you have access to your emails you can either reset your password or just use a magic link to log in.

If you’ve forgotten the password to your email, you’ll need to contact your email provider.

I keep getting directed to community instead of my bulb account

I’m getting directed to Community rather than my account. Frustrating.