Silly Questions

I’m new to Bulb and ironically found the company whilst arguing with British Gas about the many errors they made, with the TV on the background and the unicorn ad came on!

My two questions are:

I’ve moved from British Gas, my electricity account has been closed by them but not my gas - usually how long should I wait before contacting someone? I was thinking mid sept (transferred 10th Aug).

Second question!
Me and my partner are relatively in a new build and are not 100% on our usage, I stupidly joined bulb without putting previous usage - can this be updated to help with our billing estimates? If not no worries!! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day and glad to be a bulberino!

Upload a reading once a month to Bulb and after 3 months that should be regular enough for Bulb to see your useage and set a fair and correct Direct Debit amount (which includes a bit extra in order to put your account in credit to prepare for higher useage/bills during the winter months)

Any info you give Bulb helps them create that useage trend for your property

The more info they have the more accurate the direct debit should be


Thank you very much For your reply - much appreciated!!

Hi @Scotty

Welcome to Community and more importantly welcome to Bulb :wave:

I’ve had a look at your account and both your gas and electric switched over to us on 10th August. British Gas should produce your bill within 6 weeks and both your accounts should now be closed with them. I’d recommend contacting them to double check this.

We can definitely update your payment amount to reflect your usage. I’m going to drop you an email about this now so look at for that :blush: