Simple Arithmatic

If fuel prices go up 11.1% why are Bulb increasing my monthly payment by 31.7%? I am not in arrears and there is no discussion about this, just an automatic change in December, you know, the month with Christmas in it when we all have extra money to through about…

Perhaps you have been underpaying so far and so need a bit of a catch up to ensure that 12 months from now your account will still be in good shape ready for next winter.

I have also been puzzled by the same point and have asked the same question . I phoned Bulb and after a chat amongst the operators they could give no explanation. Surely one is needed. I am old and have in recent years ducked and dived between suppliers but have never seen a price increase of this size.

I suspect that the figures will be fudged to merge the increase into an annual sum to smooth the increase out into a lower figure for the year.

Energy price rises have usually made newspaper headlines when a suppler increases rates beyond inflation . Why has this huge rise seemingly gone unreported.

@djsgrant @ambvol This may not necessarily be down to a price rise, although that will certainly be a factor.

Our unit rates increased as of the 11th of November and were an 11% increase for the typical home, one that uses 3100 kWh of electricity and 12000 kWh of gas in a year.

We also ran a calculation that works out how much your monthly payment would need to be to put your account into 2 months worth of credit in 12 months time, where we need our members accounts to be so that they don’t build up too much of a debt over winter.

It is a recommendation so you still have control of your payments in your online account.