Since moving to Bulb, my IHD provided by previous supplier has stopped working!

The IHD I was provided with when my Smart Meters were installed in 2018 has not worked since moving to Bulb in Jan 2020.
As the installation date was in 2018, the meters are therefore likely to be SMET1. The IHD shows a strong wi-fi signal, but doesn’t connect to the Smart Meters.
I understand that Bulb are looking to make this generation of meters “smart” again? I’ve checked my account and it shows that I’ve got Smart Meters.
Can someone advise when this upgrade is likely to take place and whether the IHD I’ve got (British Gas) will be able to re-connect with the meters, or will Bulb send me one that will?

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That’s because the IHD has to be connected to your Bulb account, not just your meters


That IHD you own isn’t compatible with Bulb

Either way they’ll need to reactivate that IHD or supply you with one which works with them

Thanks@shaun5948 do I need to contact Bulb to get them to reactivate or supply a compatible IHD?

Hi @ChaChaStar

We should be able to get your current IHD working again, but we’ll need to wait to be able to communicate with your meters.

Once we start getting automatic smart readings through, we’ll then be able to help with the IHD. You are absolutely right, we have now started taking reads from a lot of our SMETS 1 meters, so it shouldn’t be long until we’re communicating with yours too. In the meantime, the best way to keep track of your energy usage will be making a regular note of the meter reading :spiral_notepad:

Hi @CJ_at_Bulb
Thanks for your prompt response from which I presume that I now just have to wait for Bulb to communicate with my meters!

I currently submit monthly meter reads via the Bulb website so that I can keep an eye on my energy use and costs. Are you able to advise how I will know When Bulb can communicate with my meters and get readings from it?
Also will you then contact me directly about connecting my IHD to the meters.

Grateful for your help

Hi @ChaChaStar

My pleasure, you’re absolutely right - it’s just a waiting game for the time being.

We’ll send out an email once we start communicating with your meters, and you’ll also notice on your account that readings listed as ‘smart’ will start appearing. Once this happens, the IHD will either automatically start displaying usages again or if not if you let us know we can try get it working from our end. Thanks for your patience whilst we get these meters updated.

Many thanks @CJ_at_Bulb
The replies you’ve provided have really helped. I’ll just now keep an eye out for when the changes to meter readings happen.
Excellent service from Bulb!

Hi @ChaChaStar

Thanks for the lovely feedback, we’re always happy to help when we can.

If you do ever want another update on this, do just let us know! :bulb:

Hi @CJ_at_Bulb Having joined Bulb a year ago and reporting in the summer that the British Gas SMET 1 meter I have was not now working since moving to Bulb, I was hoping by now that Bulb would have ‘re-smarted’ my meters so that readings could be automatically sent to Bulb by the meters, rather than by a manual reading. Sadly this isn’t the case.
British Gas installed the Smart meters in 2018, and my IHD worked fine till the move to Bulb 🥲
Please can you advise when your Smart rollout will reach me? 0r are you able to supply me with a new IHD compatible with Bulb. Grateful for your early response and update.

Blub/DCC are hoping to get smets1 meters enrolled onto the smart network this year?
If you have “secure” branded meters they are beginning to read these remotely.
Your IHD may never be compatible with bulb?
Doubtful if bulb will send you a new IHD as they didn’t install the meters.
You could try the Geo-minum(circa £40) this would show your leccy consumption, but obviously not your gas

Hi @ChaChaStar,

Thanks for your message!

@skippy64 is right, we are hoping to get as many first generation smart meters as we can onto the network this year, which is really exciting. We’ve already managed this with some brands of meters so hopefully it won’t be long until we can do this for yours, however I can’t give you an exact timeline unfortunately. You’ll be sent as email when we can sort this for you.


Hi @skippy64 Reply from @GeorgieS_at_Bulb posted. Hoping my geo SMET1 will be able to be connected. Don’t just want to see electricity though, and don’t really want to have to pay out for an IHD that will only do that 🥲

Thanks for your reply @GeorgieS_at_Bulb I guess it’s just a matter of waiting now for the e.mail to activate the geo IHD British Gas supplied.

Unfortunately I have the same problem and communicated with bulb last year and on every occasion was told it was going to be done by the end of the year 2020. So I wouldn’t hold your breath anytime soon that it will be facilitated.
Sorry to be negative, but take bulbs false promise 's of getting smet1 meters smart again with a pinch of salt.

Do let us know what they say!

Hi @davim314,

Welcome to Bulb community :wave:

This was correct, the initial goal was to be able to read the majority of 1st generation smart meters. We have managed to sign a deal with Secure (smart meter brand) and as a result, we have managed to successfully enroll over 200,000 SMETS1 meters on to the smart network.

We’re hoping to sign more contracts with other manufacturers so that way we can gain permission to remotely read more SMETS1 meters.

After looking into your account, I do see your meter is functioning normally, but looking at the serial number, it looks like one installed by your old supplier and it is one that we cannot read currently.

We do apologise that we cannot read your meter currently but hopefully once Ofgem update their smart meter removal policy, we can look to replace your smart meter with a second generation smart meter.

Hi @davim314 and @Trevor_at_Bulb. Have left this issue a few months, but have still not heard anything further as to when my Smart Meters installed by British Gas in early 2018 will be enabled to act in a “Smart” way with Bulbs system, not to mention the SMET 1 British Gas IHD that is languishing in a cupboard as that is currently redundant as it has nothing to communicate with.

Is anyone at Bulb able to provide an update please. In these days of everything and everyone communicating digitally, it would be great if my meters and IHD could join the party.! Also it would save me traipsing to the meter cupboards every month!

Looking forward to a response :thinking:

Hey @ChaChaStar :wave:

We started to enroll smets1 last year if they were secure meters- unfortunately yours isn’t secure so we weren’t able to then. We’re now starting to be able to do this with the remaining types of smets1 meters, so it should be over the summer it’s made smart again :partying_face:

Sorry its been a wait! Its taking a bit of time to enroll all the different kinds.

Once its smart with us, the IHD can be used again as well :relaxed:

Thanks @holly_at_bulb, when you say secure meters, what do you mean? For info my IHD supplied by British Gas is a Geo.

Look forward to your response

“SECURE” is the brand of meter