Site slow to update meter readings.

Why does it take so long for the site to acknowledge a meter reading & generate a bill? My gas reading was entered on 01/07 & it’s still not showing 6 days later. Scottish Power managed to generate the bill total at the time of input.

Hi @nicholas412 - Your latest gas read is now visible in MyBulb.

There is a bit of a delay in these readings appearing as we have to get each read checked over to ensure it makes sense. This is because since Project Nexus, the gas industry upgrade, these meter readings now directly feed into the industry estimate of usage at your property.

We want to make sure your estimate is not being thrown off by an abnormally high read and so we send the reading off to compare it with the historical readings from the property to double check it’s OK and then when we hear back it’ll appear. This process usually only takes 1-2 days and so we’re sorry that there was such a delay to your reading.

Please let me know if you have any other questions

Project Nexus appears to be a major step backwards.

Despite entering actual gas & electricity readings at the end of last month, I get an actual electricity bill & an estimated gas bill. I guess this estimated figure is something to do with Nexus?

Does this mean that the result of this initiative is that instead of a few people getting an incorrect bill, everybody now gets one?

Hi @nicholas412 , in many many ways, project Nexus has been a big step fowards for the UK energy industry.

Project Nexus has improved how the industry uses meter readings to estimate the gas consumption of your home and will harmonise how information is shared between parties within the gas industry, particularly suppliers and gas transporters.

We just need to get used to the new way of doing things. We’re currently looking at ways we can tweak our billing system to accommodate for this new validation process to avoid this happening. But as with all changes, it takes time to smooth out the kinks.

If our members are submitting meter readings, we 100% want them to appear on their statements. There are a small number of cases where that isn’t happening right now and we’re doing everything we can to ensure they start appearing again.

Hopefully, you’ll see over the coming months that your gas statements are every bit as up to date as your electricity. Sorry again for the delay you experienced.

It’s now 14 days since I submitted the gas reading & it’s still not showing on the account.

Nexus still seems like a backwards step for those of us that take the trouble to submit monthly meter readings. I’m sure it’ll benefit those that don’t have a smart meter & can’t be bothered to take regular readings, but is dumbing down really the answer?

@nicholas412 we’re sorry that the reading is still not showing on your account. I’ve just taken a look and I’ve made sure that it will now show up.

There’s still a bit of a learning curve with the introduction of Nexus. We’re doing our best to keep ourselves updated with new processes surrounding the gas readings.

We think that better estimations will help everyone, regardless of meter type. But we understand that as these new processes can cause problems that filter down to the consumer it can feel like it’s a step down. We’ll do our best to mitigate any of these errors.

I entered meter readings this morning & once again the gas is showing as estimated. Does Nexus really mean that I won’t ever have an accurate gas bill unless I work them out myself?

Incidentally, the meter reading you added to my account is displayed but failed to generate a revised bill.

I’m with this customer’s view on things and believe the introduction of Nexus to be little more than Bulb grabbing for an excuse.

What is the point of us taking meter readings when you’re merely going to ignore them and bill based on an (inaccurate) estimation? It’s been several weeks since I took meter readings (which represent actual usage far lower than your estimations), and yet I’m being billed based on terrible guesswork?

Forgive me, but when a process systemically results in the customer getting charged for more than they can prove they’ve actually used, then it isn’t progress for the industry, it’s theft.

I have to say, that when I first signed up, my bills were really easy to deal with, and I was very happy. I joined late Feb, and my bills to the beginning of May were straightforward and had my monthly readings contained within.

Now, however, I’m really unclear what I’m actually paying, and when. I now get a bill of at least 2 months, with the correct values for electricity, but every time the gas reading I enter at the same point seems to take a varying (but lengthy) period to arrive on your systems, and so I end up with bill emails and PDFs with totals that are often out by tens of pounds. July and September 2017 seem to have been the worst ones. It seems to have happened around the same sort of time that I changed my payment day, but I don’t know if that’s related.

Being in the technical world as I am, would it help to take readings much earlier than the 3 day reminder suggests (maybe 10 days), so that my bills end up accurate first time?

This whole thing is such a shame, as otherwise, I’m really, really happy with Bulb.

I am following this thread with interest. I thought I maybe being overpicky about problems on my new account, which Bulb’s very nice staff have been most helpful to sort out for me, However I’ll certainly be all agog when my first bill is processed.

I’ve created my own spreadsheet to generate gas bills. I enter the meter reading & number of days in the month, it calculates kWh, energy cost, standing charge, DD discount & vat. It wasn’t rocket science & the bill is produced instantly.

If I can do that in 10 minutes, why can’t my energy supplier?

On a positive note, the Bulb staff are very helpful & this is an insignificant problem compared to the almighty mess Scottish Power made of my energy account.

Hey all, first off can I say a huge thanks for your honest and constructive feedback on our billing system at present. We completely recognise that the way in which gas readings are loading is not perfect at present, and it’s affecting a few accounts.

@nicholas412 thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s great to hear that you’re staying so on top of your statements. I noticed your readings are usually coming in the day before we generate your statement. I agree with @csdolby about submitting readings earlier. If you push that to 3 or 4 days earlier, lets say the 28th of each month, it should drastically reduce the liklihood of gas readings not appearing.

@flynndean I’ve emailed you just now about your situation as it’s slightly different. Hopefully my email clears things up. It’s worth repeating here that even if a bill is calculated to estimates, we will never take more money than your agreed monthly payments. Once we do load your readings, the account will update itself on your next bill and show your true balance.

Overall guys, sending gas readings out for validation is a process that we have to carry out now. It’s just the way the gas industry runs now. We’re working to manually accept gas readings the day before bills are generated and we’re really sorry we haven’t got this quite right yet.

Please submit your readings more than a day or two prior to your statement date and let us know if you have any further feedback on how to better this process. We’ll be thinking in the meantime too.

Thanks for your reply Rachel.

I understand the need for an estimated reading to generate a bill in the absence of any customer readings. I accept that project Nexus is an attempt to make these estimates as accurate as possible…although it’s been pretty wide of the mark in my case!

What I can’t understand is why every cutomer reading doesn’t automatically generate a bill, regardless of which day of the month it’s submitted on. Surely this is the path to the greatest billing accuracy rather than relying on some third party algorithm? If Bulb are worried about producing too many bills, just set a minimum period of 7 days between successive meter reading entries.

The best way to encourage customers to enter meter readings regularly, is to deliver a bill to their inbox ten seconds after they’ve pressed the submit button.

Thanks for your response and your thoughtful feedback, @nicholas412.

We keep the bills monthly so that everyone can see their usage from month to month (in both kWh and spend). Having each billing period the same length keeps each month-on-month comparable, so you can immediately see if you used less or more this month when compared to previous months.

It would be awesome to see an immediate view of how your latest meter reading affects your account balance though. What great food for thought…we’ll take this one away and see what we can do!

Having each billing period the same length to view usage will only work if the customer submits a meter reading on the same day every month. Getting customers to read meters must be a challenge, getting them to do it with any consistency is nigh on impossible! Trying to get haphazard meter readings & wayward (Nexus) estimates into a monthly bar chart is unlikely to work with much accuracy. I also question the need for a month-on-month comparison as energy consumption is not uniform during the calendar year. A comparison with the same month in previous years (in kWh) is the only relevant comparison.

Would a line chart not be better than the bar chart? That way you’d have 365 data entry points rather than the fixed 12.

Hey @nicholas412 , thanks for getting back to us. The main idea of monthly billing is because it coincides nicely with monthly payments to get a clear review of whether your account is where we expect it to be or not.

We would love to add the functionality in the future for an automatic balance to pop up when you submit readings. It’s definitely something we’re looking into. Whether that would signify a change in our usage graphing would be decided then. It’s a good idea though.

Not to forget too that we’ll be rolling out smart meters next year which will hopefully remove the bulk of these issues :slight_smile:

This is still happening I submitted readings a week ago and still waiting for it to update…just want my bill!

This is still happening I submitted readings a week ago and still waiting for it to update...just want my bill!

You get a statement on the same day each month. Submitting meter readings earlier wont produce an early statement.

Are you overdue a statement?

hello, I have summited metering readings for both electric and gas several times now, but the readings are still not showing on my account? the last reading shown on my account are from one month ago (27th January 19).

hello, I have summited metering readings for both electric and gas several times now, but the readings are still not showing on my account? the last reading shown on my account are from one month ago (27th January 19).

Do you submit the readings when the “reading window is open”? i.e., 1-2 days before you bill/statement date. Readings submitted at other times will be used, but an estimate will still be made up to the statement date. You should be getting a reminder email that tells you exactly when the readings need to be submitted.