Sky News Article today

Google Sky News Bulb article today (links not allowed)

Discuss? What happens? Ideas?

I feel sorry for the employees possibly losing their jobs close to Christmas if this happens, I guess we will get our answer in the next few days

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Bulb have been quite quiet about the whole situation, only saying things similar too “We buy our energy in advanced, so were more protected” Honestly could just be the media scaremongering.


Sky News is reporting that Bulb are on the verge of collapse (again) and the Government is making plans etc etc… buyers have not been found or investment found either… can Bulb advise their customers truthfully on where things currently stand??? what will happen for those who currently are waiting for replacement faulty meters and on estimated bills??

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I heard this morning on the news, and the first thing I did was go straight to the Bulb website for information, and there is nothing there about today’s news. I am having a Smart Meter installed Monday and assume this will not affect me, but I am guessing. So come on Bulb, give us an update!

I wouldn’t have the meter fitted if it was me… I had mine done and it worked for about 2 months and then had a bug and doesnt do readings or record my usage and the ihd only worked for a day or two. Many people having issues with them so I would hold off and maybe get it changed at a later date.
Also checked the website but nothing on there but noticed on search the customer advisors were on twitter saying send us a message (I dont do twitter)

" Sky News reported on Friday that Bulb could cease trading as soon as next week. Industry sources told Sky that it was “highly unlikely” Bulb would survive through November without new funding."

Sad & worrying times for everyone involved.

It’s looking very grim for Bulb. From Sky News:

The government is accelerating contingency plans for the collapse of Bulb, Britain’s seventh-biggest domestic energy supplier - a demise that would mark by far the biggest insolvency of the crisis engulfing the sector.

Sky News has learnt that ministers and officials, along with the industry regulator Ofgem, believe that Bulb - which has around 1.7 million household customers - could collapse as soon as next week, amid diminishing expectations of a rescue deal.

Industry sources said on Friday that talks with a small number of potential buyers were ongoing, but that others had pulled out in recent days.

A solvent rescue remains a possibility, they said, but added that it was highly unlikely that Bulb could survive through November without new funding.

An executive at one of the companies which had explored a takeover of Bulb said it had liabilities of approximately ÂŁ600m, making a solvent takeover of the company hard to envisage given the backdrop of wholesale price volatility.

Would explain the huge monthly price hikes on customers


Absolutely. While it’s a shame for the workers at bulb, and my heart goes out to them, this is the Government’s fault. When will people wake up to the fact that Boris and his lot have royally screwed this country?