Skyrocketing night usage

Anyone got any idea why my night meter would be using 10 times what it used before November? I have a electric central heating system that heats the boiler overnight, but I don’t see why that would be increasing so much in winter since it doesn’t heat any more water overnight. My bills have gone from around 100kw per month to over 1000kw for the last few months. Seems very odd.

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In addition to the water heater, presumably you also have electric room heating that’s been running now the weather is cold?

No. My heating is a wet electric system so it uses the water that has been heated overnight.

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Right, so, the colder the weather the more you have the heating on, the more water you have to heat overnight? I know you said “it doesn’t heat any more water” but I’m not particularly familiar with the system you’re describing so not really sure.

If you’re convinced it’s not weather related then something must have become faulty, in which case you’ll have to start taking daily meter readings and turning things off until you can isolate the cause.

It may just be more heating being used. Just seemed like quite a jump.
I might have a go at turning it off and seeing what happens.

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Everything seems a little odd recently with bulb. I’m getting statements then nothing, so confusing to read my usage,. Thinking of switching

I don’t have, and never have had, a wet electric system so I could be wrong but a wet electric central heating system heats a tank overnight (at cheap rates) to allow heating of the house gradually during the day as you state. However, if the temperature in the thermal store falls below 60°C at any point then it can turn on at peak rates to get the temperature back up. Are you sure thats not happening in your case?