Slow response times to emails

Why have the email response times gone from 1 working day to 5 working days?

I can’t think of another company that takes so long to reply to emails, even British gas would reply faster than that when i was with them

Hi @tom6685.

Thanks for your comments on the Community.

We’re sorry. With the recent price rise, we’ve had a surge in emails and phone calls from our members and non-members alike. We are working hard to respond as quickly as we can. We appreciate the wait is frustrating for our members. It’s not the kind of wait times we want or expect and it certainly won’t become the norm for Bulb.

The good news is that we are currently hiring a lot of energy specialists and investing in new technologies to prevent this from happening. We will be back to our 1-day responses in no time.

I have just seen your email about refunding your referral credit. The money is on its way to you :slight_smile: