Small Monthly Payments not Adequate to Cover Usage

My monthly payments don’t look to be enough to cover my usage. How should I approach this growing shortfall?

Hi @philip614. First thing would be to send us a set of meter readings when you next get the chance. This will let us have a more accurate picture of your usage.

Once we’ve got those, we can have a look at what a more appropriate monthly amount might be.

In the meantime, remember you can increase your monthly payments and make a one-off payment to cover some debit whenever you like.

We’ll wait for the reads and take it from there :slight_smile:

I’m already nearly £400 in debit. That’s a huge amount so the monthly payment is way too low. I was sold on the monthly payment being low and now I see it’s way too little. Not showing the balance on the "Statements and Payments page is really frustrating. Can we look at moving the monthly payment to £65 immediately to start addressing this?


Of course @philip614, we’ve now increased the monthly payments to £65.

You can look at your balance whenever you like in the payment details section of your MyBulb account.

The original monthly amount quoted to you when you sign up is based on information you provide, e.g. your annual consumption in kWh, or how much you were paying with your old supplier, etc. It may be that we didn’t have a huge amount of information about you at this stage. So the initial quote didn’t reflect your actual usage.

It’s still important to send us some meter readings. This is because we may have been overestimating your usage between now and when we last had readings from you in April, in which case the debit on your account may not be accurate. New meter readings will recalculate your Bulb balance and show us what’s really going on.