Small suggestion for & small question about the discussion board

Could you please add a duplicate of the page back/forth and number links at the bottom of the page as well as at the top? It’s a common thing for most message boards and saves you from having to scroll all the way back to the top (easy on some devices, a lengthy chore on others) as is the case at the moment. Makes looking for your thread a bit quicker and easier if you come back after a few days and it’s got buried… :wink:

Also, how come we have separate logins for both the board and account? It gets a bit confusing, especially as they’re almost certainly going to have the same email address attached. If you come to the board whilst signed out of it, there’s a couple different “Sign In” links visible in some places, with nothing to really differentiate them, and in some cases only one… but that one signs you into your actual energy account rather than the board. And if it does it automatically (e.g. you signed into it via an email link within the last 24 hours and forgot to properly sign out, oops) you don’t even get any kind of username/password prompt (possible security hole there, by the way - maybe might want to make it expire after 10-15 minutes unless you click a reminder, like for bank accounts?), you just immediately fetch up on the account page instead.

Which makes you think you’re signed in everywhere, so you go back to the board page… but still can’t post or reply … click sign in again … go back to the account… sign out of it… do the same again but are faced with the regular sign in popup… click “send me a link” … open the link from email … get signed into the account… still can’t use the board… eventually figure out that you need to make a separate account for the board, or so it seems … try to do it… get told the email address is already in use and you need to recover the password instead… arrghh.

Still not entirely sure whether I already had a board account I’d genuinely set a forgotten password for, or it’s actually the case that the billing account and board account are linked but for some reason you have to type in a password for the latter but not the former… I mean, it asked me to choose a screen name this time, which isn’t usual behaviour for an already-registered account.

…what exactly is going on?

For that matter, I can’t see a sign out link here… do I need to sign in to my billing account, then back out from there?

Thanks for the suggestions Mark. I have passed your comments onto our Community Manager. We have in our roadmap the plan to update and improve our Community pages. Watch this space and thanks for your continued support and input. Much appreciated!