Smart Appliances working with HEMS using EEBUS

Hi everyone,

My Bosch washing machine has just died after 16 years of service. I’m now looking to replace it, but want one that is future proof in terms of smart control from a Home Energy Management System (HEMS).

I have been researching the various smart Bosch washing machines currently available. These can connect to a HEMS and be configured to start a washing cycle when energy prices fall (or go negative). Bosch’s user manuals state that the HEMS must use EEBUS.

Does anyone know if there are smart meters out there or HEMS that would be compatible with EEBUS?

Are Bulbs SMET2 meters or In-Home Displays (IHDs) compatible with EEBUS?

Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @PeterG76 This is an interesting question and one I may need to get some confirmation on and get back to you.

Our In Home Displays can for example be linked to the samsung smartthings app, however you would be able to use a smets 2 In Home Display to schedule a wash cycle for example.

Before I put this to a member of the smart team, can I ask if you have any other HEMS (i.e google nest) that you would be using to manage your appliance from, or do Bosch have an app you’d use and you’re asking if this could be linked to your smart meter to ensure you do so when you’re on a cheaper tariff rate? This would be important if you were to switch to our three rate smart tariff.

Thanks for your reply.

I think the potential is there but maybe suitable HEMS devices are not widely available yet? Which is why I raised the question.

I have downloaded a copy of the HomeConnect app for iPhone which has a Siemens washing machine demo. HomeConnect also supports Bosch appliances among others. There is an option to pair the washing machine with an ‘Energy Manager’. In the appliance’s ‘Delayed operation’ settings there is an option called ‘Active FlexStart’ which states ‘The energy manager starts the (washing) programme on it’s own, when the electricity price is at the lowest. Set the latest programme end time’.

So I think achieve my idea I need find to a suitable ‘Energy Manager’ that can communicate with white appliances via EEBUS. I suspect the ‘Energy Manager’ or HEMS would be a hub of some sort that sits between the washing machine and a smart meter?

I don’t know of any other energy providers who have a suitable HEMS offering.

Maybe it’s something you could consider for future development?

With more and more agile and EV tariffs coming online it would be great if dishwashers, tumble driers & washing machines could be instructed to start automatically when the electricity price plunges.

I look forward to hearing what your colleagues have to say.




Just to let you know that I have decided to purchase a non-smart enabled washing machine. Having discovered a lack of Home Energy Management Systems capable of smart controlling washing machines equipped with the EEBus, I decided it was not worth spending double the money on a washing machine with this capability.

However with manufacturers such as Bosch and Siemens producing white goods with smart energy control capability I hope it has got your engineers thinking about the potential for APIs between smart meters and smart appliances to fully utilise agile and time of day electricity tariffs.



Hi @PeterG76 Thanks for getting back to me.

Firstly I realised I made a typo in my previous comment.

‘however you would be able to use a smets 2 In Home Display to schedule a wash cycle’ should have said wouldn’t, although from your comment it seems you’re aware of this lack of capability in the currently available tech on the market anyway.

I’m surprised to hear that the price differential is so great between white goods with and without smart controlled functionality. There are a few apps out there for smart home control, so I wonder if this because manufacturers think tech-obsessives may be willing to pay over the odds to have the most updated and convenient features, rather than an actual cost to the developer.

Regarding API, we’re planning to run our EV charger trial in the autumn, participants will use a Bulb developed app to control charging times. We also have our 3 rate smart tariff and energy management, rather than pure supply is definitely where we want the industry to head, with home generation on the increase, as well as the potential of batteries.

I’m excited to see the direction this takes, and apologies for digressing slightly on your specific query around EEBus. Maybe you know a reason that specific capability is pricier right now?


Yes there is a big price differential. Wifi enabled Bosch washing machines start at £699 going up to £999, whereas you can get a reasonably equipped standard machine for £300 to £400. It just wasn’t worth spending the extra £hundreds right now.

I’d be interested to find out more about your EV charger trial and the 3 rate tariff as I currently own a PHEV car and will probably switch to full EV for my next car.

@PeterG76 I’d recommend taking a look at our thread on the EV charger trial here Thinking about an electric car? 🔌 :oncoming_automobile: If you have any questions that haven’t been answered already, you can pop them on there.

The sign up form is at the top of the page. If you’re eligible, we’ll send more information over the coming months.