Smart Export Guarantee and Intelligent metering

I am planning on installing a solar system in the near future. 4kw panels, 3.6kw inverter, 5.2kwh battery. There may be a delay in getting the MCS certificate.
We have an ex Eon AM110R / AS300P SMETS1 smart meter which is still monitoring the house and giving us readings. But presently we are making manual readings and entering them on the Bulb web site.

  1. can this meter be used by Bulb for smart readings so we don’t have to keep doing it manually?
  2. Can it be used to monitor exported energy?
  3. During the time we don’t have an MCS certificate, will the meter go backwards during export, and how will Bulb react if subsequent meter readings are less then the ones before.

Having now found the technical information for this meter I can see that it is capable of being used for intelligent metering and 30 minute measurements. How do I get this adopted by Bulb please ?

Hi @Geoff24 ,

Thank you for posting on community,

As you have a smets 1 smart meter it is not a requirement that your readings need to come through automatically. We ask you for your export readings quarterly so we can pay you every 6 months. You would just need to be able to take an export reading. You can locate this information here on how to take the export read.

You can sign up for our Export Payments if:

  • you generate electricity from solar photovoltaic panels, wind, hydro, anaerobic digestion or micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP)
  • you have a smart meter or export meter that records your exported energy every half hour
  • your installation has an MCS certificate, or a certificate from an equivalent scheme, such as Flexi-Orb
  • the total installed capacity of your installation doesn’t exceed 5 MW, or 50 kW for micro-CHP (you can find this information on your installation’s certificate)

Our Export Payments are subject to Terms and Conditions.

In regards to your MCS Certificate, we will need this before we sign you up as this is a requirement.

Please do let me know if you have any further questions.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Thanks Suki. That is useful information.