Smart Export Guarantee without a conventional smart meter

Has anyone else out there successfully signed up for the Smart Export Guarantee with Bulb without having conventional smart meters supplied by Bulb (or by a previous electricity supplier)? If so, what meters do you have installed to give export readings that Bulb has accepted?

Bulb’s website explicitly states that you can sign up for the SEG if “you have a smart meter or export meter that records your exported energy every half hour” and that “We won’t read your smart meter automatically so you’ll need to send us an export meter reading every 3 months.” “Or” suggests that a smart meter is one alternative, and that the meter doesn’t have to directly provide the export readings to Bulb.

When I had my solar panel and battery storage system installed in September, we made clear to the installer that we needed an export meter capable of giving readings every 30 minutes for the purposes of SEG.

2 meters that can measure exported energy were installed as part of our PV installation: one (Emlite ECA2.nv) has a display that alternates every couple of seconds between import and export readings. Bulb have told me they won’t accept this for the purposes of SEG, and are trying to push me into having a smart meter.

The other says on the front “Fronius smart meter” connected to the inverter (but which doesn’t have a display on the front showing the reading - we instead have to log-in to the Fronius website to obtain the readings. I’d assumed that as it doesn’t display the readings directly, that this might not be enough, but maybe I was wrong.

Grateful for any advice on how to sign up for the SEG without having an unreliable and insecure conventional smart meter installed.

From the OFGEM guidance on SEG:

Smart Export Guarantee: Guidance for generators

“1.18. An export meter must be located at the point where the installation connects to the
distribution network/the grid. Your existing meter may be capable of measuring
exported electricity; speak to your SEG licensee about whether your existing meter
can also measure exported electricity and be used to receive SEG payments.”


“1.22. In order to be eligible to receive payments under a SEG export tariff, an installation
must have an export MPAN. An MPAN is a 13 digit reference used to identify every
electricity connection point in the country.”

If I’m interpreting this correctly, I think you’ll find that those two mean you have to have a smart meter to get SEG.

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You would need to have a smart meter for us to be able to give you SEG payments due to the reason Steve has listed.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you Steve & Mel for responding.

I’m afraid I’m still puzzled/frustrated.

I have an MPAN number from the MCS certificate.

I have 2 existing meters (installed as part of the solar installation) “capable of measuring exported electricity”. I cannot believe that just because they are bolted to the inside of the garage wall not the outside (next to the original gas and electricity supply meters) this disqualifies them from being “at the point where the installation connects to the distribution network/the grid.” The leads from the Emlite meter with the display go through a hole in the wall directly to the original eletricty supply import meter bolted to the outside wall of the house (in the little white cupboard).

So on my reading I fulfil the OFGEM criteria.