Smart export tarriff

Hello, I’d like to start off by saying I love bulbs ethos for renuable energy, the app is fantastic and easy to use.

To the point; how serious are you about renewable energy?
Octopus (energy company) was the first company to make a commitment to paying a smart export tarriff @ 5pence per kw not enough but a start to what must be the future relationship between customers and suppliers.

I’d like to invest into 4kw solar, 1kw domestic wind turbine and hopefully a 1/4kw hydro system. The easiest and most sensible option would be to work with the energy company (providing they pay a fair tarriff, say 8p/10p per kw) I’d like to know how serious bulb are on paying customers keen on making a change? (sticking to your ethos) what will you pay per kw? Will you pay for wind and hydro? not just solar.

Obviously the legislation comes in this January to encourage energy suppliers to pay the smart export tarriff. The governments way of transitioning from a questionable subsidies to what it should have been, fair payment from the companies benifiting from cheap electricity.
Except our government didn’t have the gumption to set a minimum tarriff or even force allbenergy suppliers to pay this export tarriff (only the companies with a large customer base)

Hopefully its a step in the right direction and companies will compete to attract domestic renewable producers.

The future battery technologies are looking brilliant, with solid state lithium ion and even more sustainable the solid state sodium ion batteries will eventually be affordable and take a large customer base away from the energy suppliers if thyy don’t work with customers.

I hope to hear back from a bulb represtative with some committed answers and any feed back from the like minded bulb community.

I apologise for any bad spelling or use of grammar I’m dyslexic.

Kind regards,

Hi Richard,

Welcome to Bulb. It’s great to have you with us.

You’ve asked some great questions. It’s so good to hear that you’re thinking of investing in renewable generation.

We were disappointed that the government decided to withdraw the export tariff for new solar panel installations from April 2019. It makes transitioning to a future of individual generation a bit trickier.

We’re serious about the transition to renewables. We’re currently in the alpha phase of offering our own export tariff. We’ll pay members for any electricity exported back to the grid. However you generate energy - solar, wind, hydro - we’ll pay you the wholesale cost of electricity for every kWh you export. To make sure you know that we’re paying you the right amount, we’ll tell you how much electricity you’ve exported during each half an hour (or day) for the previous month.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) announced by the Government was put in place to make sure that suppliers like Bulb are paying a fair price for the energy they generate. The SEG states that there won’t be a minimum tariff rate. The only specification is that the tariff will need to be greater than zero pence at all time of export.

Bulb’s cost per kWh will be the half hourly System Sell Price determined by Elexon. We won’t ever go into minus pricing so the lowest amount per kWh of energy you produce will be 0p. With a 4kw solar panel, you can generate around £115 of energy every year from export payments.

We’ve written a help centre article explaining how the export tariff alpha trial works and how to get involved.

Let us know if you have any further questions.