Smart Gas meter error - £36,000 bill!

I recently moved to smart meters for my Electricity and Gas. I don’t actually use the Gas at all (zero kWh utilisation every month).

Bulb is reading my gas meter as 99,999 kWh which resulted in a £36,000 bill last month. This was manually corrected to 0 and the bill credited but I can see the same 99,999 meter reading has been recorded again this month. I’m in transition to the Smart Tariff so the bill hasn’t actually been issued for this yet but I’m expecting another £36k bill!

Can anyone from Bulb help fix this properly so I won’t have to keep requesting manual corrections?


Hi @jon20

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We are sorry that this bill came through to you. It is an error with the gas meter read that occurs sometimes as 99999 KWH is 1 KWH away from the meter ticking over to 0. I have now deleted that incorrect read.

This bill however should have gone into draft and not gone through to you.

Are you able to manually take a gas meter read in the meantime and I will ask the smart team to look at getting the meter reads remotely from the gas meter?

Here is a guide on how to get the read from the meter.

You can then upload it onto your online account.

Thank you,


Hi Mel,

I checked the meter and it is reporting a “Meter Index” of 99999.000m3.

Do you want me to submit this as an official meter reading even though it’s clearly incorrect?