Smart Gas meter not yet commissioned

Hi. We had the new generation smart gas and electric meters installed around a month ago. The electricity meter came online nice and quickly, but after a week the gas meter had not. When I contacted Bulb on the phone, I was told that the meter had yet to be commissioned from their end, but it would be done by the end of September… Here we are, and the Gas meter has not been commissioned. The auditors been round to check Siemens work and everything.

I hear others in the same situation have left to go to other providers and have found that their meters spring into life, so it can’t be the meter or the infrastructure in between. I can only conclude that the problem is at Bulb.

I am disappointed…

My HDI will not show gas use because the meter has not been commissioned.

Latest is I talked to someone at Bulb and there is no commissioning date on the horizon… Very clear in the conversation that the Smart Gas meters are giving Bulb real problems.

At BULBS suggestion, a complaint has been set up and they will strive to provide weekly updates. When everything is fixed, they have offered to discuss compensation… Not really needed as I cannot really financially define a loss to be compensated for. I just want this to work.

Bulb are doing all that they are currently capable of doing to fix the problems, but I cannot help but feel that they are a tad out of their depth on Smart Meters at the moment… They will get there though.

Have informed BBC Watchdog of the problem… Nothing back, yet!

We have Gas readings!!! :grinning:

So, we have readings on the IHD, so the gas meter is talking to the IHD and the IHD is receiving tariff data from Bulb, but the meter has not been commissioned so Bulb cannot receive gas meter readings. Having been in touch with them today, I’m now told that the meter will not be commissioned until sometime 2020. As we are already 4 weeks into a complaints process, it is now inevitable that I will be receiving a deadlock letter in four weeks time that I will take to the energy ombudsman.

All done! Bulb eventually commissioned the gas meter exactly 8 weeks after a complaint process was initiated.

During this process I learnt that they now have a ability to ask customers to press some buttons to assist with the process, but you need to do this within an hour window that they will give you.