Smart gas meters

Hey Bulb, When will you get smart gas meters for ground level gas boxes? The engineer who installed my electric meter promised you’d be in touch soon but I’ve heard nothing in months. I find it hard to believe there’s still no stock! Come on bulb!

I don’t think it’s stock levels as such - I believe it’s the equipment needed to be able to extract the current meter from underground safely, being able to disconnect it and the getting the new one in and connected: bare in mind the original one was probably put in place before the box around it was, the soil around the box was filled in etc etc - meaning to get to it, in theory, they might have to remove a whole chunk of soil to get deep enough to go “under” the box be able to disconnect the meter before they can remove it.

At least, that’s my impression…

Richy B thanks for your reply. I’m pretty confident it’s not the case however. The meter and box are above the ground - surface mounted - and the engineer came to install meters said it was an easy job but they just didn’t have the meters at the moment. Even if that’s not the case, it’s pretty poor show to advertise a product without the ability to be able to deliver whatever the reason!