Smart Gas Readings not showing up

Hi, I had smart meters installed at the end of June, I have noticed that since then an Electricity Reading has appeared on my reading history but no Gas reading. Is my gas smart meter not sending over the required information? Am I able to send over a manual reading, as that option seems to have disappeared from my app.

I’m having similar difficulty. Gas shows as readings, but electric doesn’t show and is still estimating readings for my old meter. Put a question on here that was ignored. best guess is the switch on my account was never done properly, so bulbs computers can’t cope. Result is ihd doesn’t show gas usage, while app doesn’t show new electric meter.

I’m also having similar difficulty. My meters installed in April and neither gas nor electricity is sending a reading to Bulb. Weirdly the Electric shows on the IHD.
After the meter was installed, the option to submit a manual reading was removed from the website, but after I complained the manual readings were re-enabled on the website (but not the app?)

FYI latest figures I have seen show that 1 in 4 Bulb smart meter installation fail (and 1 in 5 across all suppliers). Some of the problems will be due to mistakes by Bulb but I think the majority are due to fundamental issues with SMETS2 and nothing that Bulb can fix themselves. So it seems Bulb support are just going to treat issues with smart meters as a low priority because there doesn’t seem to be much they can do.

Mine was fitted in April and is still not working, shows gas on the display but still comes up as estimate on my account…electric is not working at all…fed up of it now thinking of moving to another supplier

I also have the same issue. Electric has been showing on the IHD since day one but nothing for gas. I had it installed on 27 June. That same day, I have readings showing on my account with electric showing as from the smart meter at ‘0’, but gas says customer reading also at ‘0’. I’m assuming the ‘0’ is correct at the point of installation and i’ve had no readings appear on my account since but I think they are due in the next few days. But as gas is not showing at all on the IHD I don’t know what’s happening with that?

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