Smart IHD Not Connected

Good morning,

Just a little advice please, we had our smart meter installed last Friday 8th October, with hopes of moving onto your EV tariff. The technician explained it could take up to 48 for the IHD to start showing readings, though this has not happened yet.

I have followed all the trouble shooting guides on your website and the manual left to us with no luck. Is there anything else I can try? Or is there a delay for some other reason.

Thought I would ask here rather than clog up your phone lines!

Cheers, Jon

Hi @JRM,

Thanks so much for getting in touch. And welcome to community :wave:

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your in home display. It doesn’t look like we have to up to date meter details from the engineer yet, which might be why it is not fully working yet.

Please could you drop us a photo of your meters to Once I can get the system updated, we will be able to check everything is set up ok and investigate the IHD issue.

Let me know when you’ve emailed and I can pick this up.

– Daisy :bulb:

Good morning Daisy,

Many thanks for your reply, I have just emailed the photos as requested to

Just for more information as it may be related, yesterday I tried to update my new meters manually to keep them up to date (given how things are). The gas meter had been updated with my new meter and a start reading of 0000. However, the electricity meter is still linked to the old one which was removed, I updated that to the latest reading I had before it was removed, but it still hasn’t updated to the new meter.

This may be related to the IHD not working?

Many thanks once again and I look forward to hearing from you.


It takes a good week or so for the readings from the newly commissioned meters to reach Bulb and things worked out with the readings from the previous ‘dumb’ meters

As for your IHD… Good luck!

It took me a year of message ping-pong with Bulb, countless useless suggestions from them and then a preplanned, coordinated reset by both Bulb and myself with the IHD one afternoon to finally get it working

Still awaiting my IHD configuration and gas meter to be linked

Not sure why they haven’t resolved this yet - no replies from them until we discussed the issue, we are facing with our switch to BG then they eventually are sorting out commissioning within the next 3 weeks for the gas meter.

Not happy that it took attempting to leave Bulb to get it sorted…

Hi @JRM :wave:

I’ve just sent a reply to your email, and can confirm we havent received exchange details for your electricity meter.

As all the smart functions run through the communications hub on your electricity meter, we will need to get all our records updated so that we can then look into getting your IHD running.

If you could reply to my email I can get started on this for you.

Hi @Henri_K :wave:

Sorry to hear you are still having issues with your IHD, I’ve reached out to my colleague Cara you have been emailing to give you an updated

-Ele :bulb:

Hi @Ele_at_Bulb,

Sorry about the late reply, I have seen Cara’s latest response after this comment was posted.

We couldn’t get the meter commissioned due to security credential issues that cannot be given by British Gas.

Though I assume the IHD is a work-in-progress, seeing it states British Gas on the contact details and before this was Bulb - I assume the security credentials have been reset to British Gas again.

It’s a strange issue - BG tell me to contact Bulb to commission. Bulb cannot commission without security credentials - I go to BG to ask for binding keys who will refuse to provide them unless I move back to them. It’s all a bit annoying… :disappointed:

I am simply confused as to why previous suppliers won’t provide something they have and as the meter remains property of the new supplier, they should provide the binding keys. Maybe if Bulb contacted them instead - they might be able to get them off BG. The whole SMETS2 benefits are totally outweighed by this locked down approach on failed installs.

I might ask the ombudsman to investigate which party (BG or Bulb) who need to resolve this issue.