Smart IHD not pairing

Hi there,

I had a smart installed last week and after installation the engineer advised that there was a problem with the devices syncing but that this should be resolved later on that day (at which point i’d know it was all sorted because the time on my IHD would be correct). Fast forward 4 days and it’s still not synced and when i try the pair with account option t just continually tries to pair, without any success. As a result it’s not displaying my usage at all.

Any ideas??


Exactly the same has happened for me (even down to what the engineer said). I’ve also tried the approach mentioned here to no avail.

Argh. This doesn’t bode well. No luck with chat on here?

Funny you should ask - I’ve just this morning used the online chat, and have managed to arrange an appointment for a Bulb engineer to remotely connect to my IHD at 10am Friday, when I’ll need to be available to press the right buttons. I’d suggest doing the same - You’ll need the GUID number on the bottom of the IHD to provide in the online chat. I’ll update on Friday to let you know how it goes.

Nice one - just with chat at the moment, so fingers crossed…

Had mine installed over two weeks ago. Despite contacting Bulb on live chat a few days later to say my IHD was not connecting I was given an assurance the matter would be looked into. Having had no reply contacted again yesterday with a promise of an update by days end. No update given. I chose to have the smart meters installed so that I could better monitor my usage. Is there anybody that has had smart meters installed recently and have a working IHD? From what I can gather this seems to be a widespread problem.

Hi @Jon1980, I hope you got the answer you were looking for on chat with one of my colleagues, but in case you didn’t, here’s my response:

I can see that you had your smart meters installed a little under a week ago, and we haven’t yet received through your new meter information from your new supplier. This can sometimes take a few weeks to come through, but if we don’t receive this in this time, we will chase this up for you.

As the IHD relies on receiving smart meter readings to show your usage, everything need to be in-line for your IHD to show your usage correctly. This should all work itself out once we have your meter exchange details, but if you’re still having no joy in a few weeks time, let us know and we can take a further look into this for you.

Mine installed on 24/8 and still no sensible readings on the web site.

Until today the IHD was connecting but regularly losing connection and now it is doing that PLUS doing a power on reset every few minutes… I guess that means a new IHD…

Only 4 days? I’ve had similar unresolved problems for at least 9 months. It’s like communicating with a plank of particularly dense wood.

Hi Lou,

I am having the same issues.

Can we provide the new meter details to speed this process up?

Bulb are not covering themselves in glory in this and if it is an issue with subcontractors then you (Bulb) need to get on top of the problem with urgency.

With modern technology this should be sorted in minutes, not weeks and months.



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Hi @glynn, as your IHD is restarting, I have requested a comms hub reboot, as this will re-establish the connection with your IHD and should stop it from restarting. This process should take 2-3 weeks for your IHD, but I would recommend keeping the unit turned on and plugged in in the meantime, in case this is quicker.

Hi @steve15, I can see that my colleague requested a comms hub reboot for yourself on 13 August, and that this has been successfully executed. However, it doesn’t look like this has fixed the issue.

I can see that we stopped receiving your meter readings for your electricity through successfully when you changed your meter reading preferences from daily back to monthly, so it does appear to be that this is the cause of us not being able to get these readings through.

Would I be able to change your smart meter reading intervals from monthly to daily? The reason for this is that instead of relying on the meter to push us a reading for the billing date, which can have issues, daily reads pulls a reading from the meter each day. Pulling readings is much more reliable.

Hi @fenno44, I have taken a look at your account and can see that we have all your new meter information and that you are set to half-hourly readings too, which is great. However, my system is saying that your electricity meter may not be commissioned (connected to the smart network), so I’m going to enquire with our smart team about this for you.

Hey Everyone,

Wow, this thread got busy since I was here a few days ago.

My IHD is now working!

I went through the reset procedure send via email, during the 1 hr slot that I was allocated to in the online chat by Bulb support.

The IHD was working properly when I checked an hour later.

Thanks Bulb!

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So pleased to hear your IHD is now working @scottd :raised_hands:

Hi @Lou_at_Bulb , thank you for looking into this for me.

Three weeks on and still no resolution on this.

How can you be sure that Bulb have the correct meter information for the electricity meter that is not linking up, please?

I am really struggling to understand why this isn’t a simple fix - @scottd managed to get sorted out in six days, so should I be going down this online chat support route?

Currently my Bulb smart meter experience is an annoying and very frustrating one and you guys are not covering yourselves in glory! :neutral_face:

Hi @fenno44, thanks for getting back in touch. Fortunately, scottd’s situation was one with a quicker and altogether different fix. I raised this with my colleague on the Smart team to see if we’re able to commission your electricity meter, so I’ve just chased this up for you, apologies for the delay in this.

Hi Lou, I’ve still not had any change in this - any ideas? It’s been three weeks since installation.