Smart Meter 1/2 Hour Reading Data not visable in Website or App

I’m unable to see 1/2 hourly usage data on the website and in the mobile app.

I live in a flat where the smart meter and IHD cannot talk because its too far away.

Ive ask multiple times via chat and i get no where.

Can you please help me?


Hi @y11 :wave: Welcome to the Bulb community.

We don’t currently offer the option to view your half hourly usage data in your Bulb account, but it’s definitely something we’re looking at implementing in the near future. At present, you should be able to see your daily usage information in your Bulb account. Let me know if you need any help accessing this.

Hi Guys,

Any change in having access to half hour (or better) readings. Ideally a downloadable CSV file would be great!

Yours in expectation,


Hey @Ants Thanks for the post. We are unable to produce your half hourly reads in that format I’m afraid. You can however access your energy usage/data in your Bulb account, We would suggest to monitor this here.


Thanks for the response @Carl_at_Bulb, I could only find daily readings on my bulb account, is there better resolution than that.

Cheers Andy

Whilst I only have gas readings being semi-smart, the app does give a daily breakdown on usuage so you can see roughly when gas is being used.

My electricity is dumb, so can’t comment on that side.

Yeah thanks @Phytone3d, I need a better resolution than that basically so I know whether I should change to night-time tariff or not. Every half hour would be perfect! Ability to download a CSV or similar (like Octopus does) would be even better :slight_smile: