Smart meter 2 installed twelve months ago

Bulb installed smart meter 2 twelve months ago why do they keep asking me to submitt a meter reading ive no reason to think my monthly payments are wrong .just dont understand why they keep asking for a reading

Are you sure Bulb are actually using readings from your smart meter? What does it say on your statements? Many of Bulb’s smart meter installation do not work. I fear you may be in for a shock if your usage has been estimated for the last 12 months without you realising.

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thanks for that i will check

I am beginning to become really concerned my meters have not worked from installation I keep getting revised bills I do not trust bulb after lots of email correspondence still no further on I am changing suppliers I need to know where I am and what I am paying

I will not have a smart meter installed.

Just found out from bulb my gas smart meter has not been commisioned .time for a move i think .
electric one ok

i am going no ware with bulb need some advice if i change energy supliyers will my meters work then .or will i have to have different meters

Impossible to say I’m afraid, since it all depends on where the fault is within the whole system. If it’s Bulb at fault then another supplier might have better luck. If it’s a failure elsewhere (within the DCC) then it would be more difficult.

If you gas meter hasn’t been commissioned, then I think that requires a technician to visit to sort it out, rather than something that can be fixed remotely.