Smart Meter 2nd Gen fitted May 21, not taking automatic/sending readings

I had the Smart Meter 2nd Generation fitted lst May and still not connected to network. I have tried e mailing and only response is BULB don’t seem to know when it could if ever get connected. I need some sort of resolution or plan that is not open ended.

My smart meters were installed last year too, still not working! Come on bulb, less excuses. More action!!

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Hi @elliott.boyle1950

As my colleague has advised, unfortunately we don’t have a set timeframe for this. The engineer company are carrying out remote updates and fixes for the commissioning issues. Until this has occurred we are unable to send engineers out.

Hi @scottmurray

Your smart meters have a slightly different error meaning that we have been able to commission them, however they are not sending us regular readings. This issue requires a communications hub reboot, however we currently are not able to request these in Scotland. As soon as we can, the request will go through and we should be receiving these reads.

– Robyn :bulb: