Smart meter 3 tariff

I signed up to the smart tariff where you have three rates a few days ago do you get any confirmation of being accepted?
If so when? I have trouble getting my electric reading once a month never mind more often.

I presume the tariffs given are plus VAT

You should get confirmation, yes. Is this on an existing SMET1 meter or a new Bulb SMETS2 meter?

SMETS1: It takes as long as it takes the third party meter operator to confirm they can access the meter.

SMETS2: I don’t know.

If you mean the values here, then it says “all prices include VAT at the applicable rate and are rounded to two decimal places” at the bottom.

It’s SMETS 1, it was installed in July 2015 for the British Gas free electric deal. Up until I got OFTM to produce the final bill in August this year, 8 months after leaving, the daily charge for BG was displayed on the meter, now its zero so maybe it will eventually happen unless I move before they reply that it can go ahead