Smart Meter 6 months down

Hi. I have already raised this here. My Electricity smart meter has been off line since last July. That’s now six months and still not resolved. Not had any feedback either. Has it been considered that there is a fault with the meter comms itself. This seems the most likely to me if everything has been tried remotely. If there’s any thing I can try at my end I’m quite happy to help. Are there any vital signs that it is communicating? Some positive feedback would be welcome. I chose Bulb partly for the smart meters and am very unhappy at this outage.

Mines been the same,went down in june,then all of a sudden the gas readings started again but still no electric readings,around end of october an engineer was booked to come look at the meter but no one ever turned up and still not working customer service isnt all thst

If you look at the hub on top of the electric meter you should see the second from left light flash roughly every 5 seconds. Under the light should say wan. If it’s not flashing it’s probably not working

Hi Just carried out this check on my meter as I to have a problem and all 5 lights are flashing as described but no readings on smart meter.

Smart meter keeps rebooting and saying connection lost


I’ve tried this too. All flash apart from the mesh light. I presume that the comms utilise a mesh network between meters? Is it imperative that this is flashing?
Just wish Bulb would take an interest in it!

I don’t think it matters if the mesh light is flashing or not. The wan light flashing means it’s connected to the network, han is home area network which means it’s connected to the meters and ihd.
Can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t be working if them lights are flashing but I only fit them.

Thanks for the responses. Bulb have responded saying that the comms hub at my premises needs rebooting. This was requested in August but didn’t work. So they are trying it again and it could take up to 6 weeks! I presume each hub is polled sequentially. I’ll just have to be patient.

@wilmshurstpeter I just took a look into your account and it is exactly like @Smart_fitter said, your meter is connected to the wide area network (WAN) but not to your home area network (HAN).

Your gas started working due to the initial reboot that was requested, but the second reboot couldn’t be actioned as the DCC have a policy that only 1 reboot can be requested every 3 months.

Since it’s been over 3 months, I’ve just sent a request off to the Data Communications Company (DCC) to get this corrected for you now.

@trevorvizor I see you replied to me in another thread, so thank you, do let me know how the reboot goes for you as it hasn’t been actioned by the DCC just yet (fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:)

@CidermanMick do let us know how it goes, the majority of the time the comms hub reboot reconnects your meter(s) to your HAN, but the fix is not 100% foolproof, but yeah it can take up to 6 weeks in certain regions, do let us know if you would like an update into your case.

My meter is showing exactly the same problem!
No reading on smart meter since October

Hey @marcus1 Sorry that you have been experiencing the issue as well.

Looking at your account, I can see that your comms hub also requires a reboot, I am going to get this actioned for you.

I will also drop you an email so we can keep in touch if needed.

Thank you to all in this thread, I am sure this will help answer peoples questions who have similar issues.


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