Smart meter and disability

I have had a quote from you which looks good and just wondered a few things.
Do you use Smart Meters.
Do you do a discount for disabled child. We current get a discount, which I think is called ‘warm Home scheme’. Our youngest child, 3, has multiple heart defects and because of this can’t regulate his body temperature well so our heating is on a lot more than normal.
Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Rick Bryce

Hi Rick, I’m a newbie customer to Bulb, also have a disabled child. Bulb don’t do Warm Home discount yet but for me they are cheaper than BG (where I did get WH discount) even without it! Smart Meters are being rolled out soon I believe.
Kind regards

Hi @RickB28

Thanks for the informative answer @leanne0117 . Just to add, we aren’t currently part of the Warm Home scheme, but we do hope that we can save you move than that scheme anyway. We will be participating in the scheme from next year Winter 18/19, so we will make sure you’re aware about that.

Smart meters are coming from June 18 onwards too.