SMART meter and E7

I was keen to have a SMART meter installed but disappointed to be told by the installing engineer that my Economy 7 needs a signal and that this could not be guaranteed. The worst case scenario was that I could be charged the daytime rate for all my electricity usage. I use storage heaters so this is not what I wanted. I have good cell phone signal but was told that this is not a guarantee. Why could the installation engineer not tell me whether the signal was ok? overall disappointed!

Consider yourself lucky. Having checked with Bulb that Smart Meters were compatible with Economy 7, I took the plunge and arranged for one to be installed. The clown they sent took our storage heaters and immersion heater offline in January. When I complained I was told that I needed a report from a Gas Safe registered engineer that they worked before the installlation. Of course they effing did - look at my last bill and see the E7 use BEFORE the install, which dropped to 0.
I paid for a proper electrician to sort out the wiring correctly which still ended up cheaper than having those idiots back. The enormous shoes and big red nose should have warned me…