Smart meter and Energy Monitor

Hi, I want to swap over to you guys, I really do but will really miss my smart meter that made life so much easier. Electric meter outside, key forever getting lost, meter reading are a real pain, especially as I have seen the light with smart readers. Do you have smart meters or smart meter trials I could get involved with? Location: East Yorkshire.

Smart meters are being rolled out this summer, and you can sign up here -

@siart, if you signed up now, it’s likely you’d want to submit 5 or so meter readings before you could get a smart meter from Bulb (trial starting in June but you only need to give a reading every few months if it’s difficult).

Would the hassle for a few months be worth the reduced cost and environmental gain?
We’re a pretty friendly community too!

Hey @siart :slight_smile:

We completely understand your frustration, and we’re really keen to get our hands on smart meters too as it will make life so much easier for everybody. Right now, we’re waiting for the second generation of smart meters to come out so that they’ll still work if you switch to another supplier - we think anything else would just be unfair.

Like @198kHz said, the best thing to do right now (if you want to!) would be to switch to Bulb here - - and then fill out the smart trial form here - Then you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on the new smart meters :slight_smile:

And yep, everyone here is super friendly so we’d love to have you on board!