Smart meter and estimated readings

I have had a new Bulb smart meter for a couple of months now and have a couple of issues. Firstly a complete re billing of last years usage - although there is some discussion on here it makes the bill complete unreadable - why did this happened. Secondly, and more importantly, I have no option to submit manual readings and all my readings are down as estimated, which suggests my meters are very smart at the moment? Is this normal!?

Completely normal for the time being. Bulb are in fact receiving and storing actual readiings but are not yet able to integrate them with their billing system.

Ah ok - so just estimated bills until then. Any ideas when the link will happen as it’s pretty fundamental to the smart meter system (also if I wanted to move to the smart meter tariff)

No, Bulb are being much less transparent about this issue than, for example, the IHDs which don’t work or don’t work properly. Not even mentioned here as far as I can see.

my smart meter not working either just showing gas no colours on bottom row of meter

my smart meter not working either just showing gas no colours on bottom row of meter
That’s not your meter, that’s your in home display.

Yes -
My home display seems fine - just the main meters connecting to Bulb! I had a first generation smart meter with Eon which worked fine so not quite buying the new technology comments from Bulb… however I do know how slow it’s been to work out the infrastructure - just no idea why roll out when there are so many issues

While waiting 30+ minutes for a reply to my chat request, I noticed that Bulb have updated their blog to provide some details of the problems being faced: While that’s good to know, I don’t understand why they have not sent this info to those who have already advised them that their smart meter installation was still problematic.
My chat wait goes on…