Smart Meter and IHD both working but no Smartthings data?

As per the title. At least, the IHD appears to be working. Anyone have any idea why I see no data in Smartthings? I must say, it’s getting quite wearing not being able to get any kind of response from anyone at Bulb so apologies to community users for my repeated posts. I’m seriously contemplating moving to another provider but I’m concerned that if the IHD isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing then I’ll be stuck with some part of my installation that isn’t working properly and then can’t be fixed.

So, how is this supposed to work?

IHD → Chameleon → Samsung (Smartthings)


IHD → Samsung


IHD → Bulb → Samsung


some other process I haven’t considered?

I’ve tried Wiresharking my wifi to see if there is any indication in there but I see no traffic either to or from the IHD.

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