Smart meter and IHD - does not connect

I had my smart meters fitted on 3rd Jan 2020. Engineer said it was all working fine and the IHD would connect within 48 hours.
Here we are a week later and no progress despite following the online Bulb support advice 3 times.
Can you either sort it, please or engage and tell me what I am doing wrong rather than force me down the automated support which doesn’t work. I have done everything you have suggested so far without success.

There are installations that haven’t worked properly for months, check out some other threads on this forum. You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s a combination of general industry-wide problems, and issues with Bulb’s own backend software.

There’s nothing you can do except have patience and wait for it to be fixed. Realistically that could still be months away. I would suggest continuing to take manual monthly readings as you’ve always done until such time as the system is up and running properly.