Smart Meter and IHD problems

Trying to establish what proportion of Bulb customers who had problems with Smart meters and IHD at install either still have their issues unresolved or have had the issues sorted (and how long it took and what finally fixed the issues)
What are other peoples experiences?
After months of no progress (in fact gone backwards as now I can’t even upload my ‘Smart’ meter readings in on the website), I have to e mail readings in and hope they are manually entered.
I am sick to death of Bulb ‘support’ seeing fit to close complaint after complaint on this when its clear the original cause of the complaint is 100% unresolved and then know this full well.
What a shower they have turned into.
I’ll give it a bit longer then off to another supplier.
Started of so well too. Shame. .

I logged a complaint 2 months ago regarding the non working IHD.
Received an email earlier this week saying that because i haven’t been in touch they would assume my problem had been resolved unless I contacted them within 3 days .
I replied telling them not to close the complaint and pointed out that I had been contacting them on nearly a daily basis.
Wonder if they wanted to close my complaint because after 8 weeks I can complain to Ofgen?

Same problem with me. IHD, etc has never worked and am having to email readings to bulb … smart meters are a joke! I like the Ofgen avenue, though - well worth a shot!

Hi all my smart meter has not worked since it was installed on the 13 June and I am getting fed up with the excuses they keep given. I am thinking of leaving and going to an energy company who has working smart meters.

Same here the smart meter doesn’t show gas and have to keep restoring it to show electric but only works for a few days. Getting fed up with this and when I ring them just get fobbed off with IT issues!!!

Wonder if they wanted to close my complaint because after 8 weeks I can complain to Ofgen?

How is the Ofgem complaint going?
Interested to learn if they actually help?

My ones were installed on July 1st and I was able to provide a piece of wood to help support the gas meter (so the weight of it was not on the pipes).

IHD works when it feels like it and always indicates full WiFi and meter link signal levels.

On my account I have two readings for electricity on the 1st and 2nd and not a single reading for gas.

I shall wait for end of month to see if a monthly figure is added before I complain.

IHD is stuck at present saying 266w elec data unavailable. You would think with no data it would say zero rather than the last value when it worked…

My IHD hasn’t worked (“Waiting for current data”) since my smart meters were installed in mid-April 2019. My smart meters are not sending any readings to bulb. I’m not receiving estimated bills so I’m in credit by many hundreds of pounds. Pro-active communications from bulb about this problem is extremely poor.

W.r.t. Raising a complaint with Ofgem see - raise a formal complaint with bulb first, and then if you’re not happy, complain to the Energy Ombudsman - Ofgem doesn’t “… have a direct role in dealing with individual disputes between customers and energy suppliers.”

Bulb only seems to have one thing in mind … get as many customers quick and then try and sell the UK business, they are expanding into Europe. They are even offering £75 referral bonus each from tomorrow for a week, money they could have been spent on the “smart team” if they were serious about their UK future.

The problem usually is the directors, not the staff… what do you think motivated them at the beginning to become directors :slight_smile:

Their number one priority is to keep the investors happy, who just want good/safe returns on their monies, currently the UK must be less appealing then elsewhere… wonder why :slight_smile: