Smart Meter and manual readings

I have had Smart meters fitted recently for both electricity and gas but I am still getting emails asking for me to read and submit my meter readings. Why do I have to do this if I have Smart meters? I thought the whole point of them was so that Bulb would have up to date, accurate readings sent automatically?

With a gigantic smile you’re welcome to our community. I’m sure that given time and support from Bulb your meters will turn out to be really ‘smart’.

Hi @Phenolic,

Firstly, I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community! :grinning:

So I took a look into your account and I see that your smart meters were installed, but haven’t yet been connected to the smart network. This means that the engineer on the day had issues being able to connect them onto the network.

I’ve just sent a request to our smart team now to see if we can attempt to remotely commission your smart meters.

I should receive a response by Monday and from there the remote commissioning can sometimes take up to 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Lol, how can your installer just bugger off without comissioning the smart meters. That’s just too funny! Bulb customer service at it’s best!

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It would seem that bulb and Siemens are vying forthe chump award of the year

I’m a year in and still my meters don’t talk to bulb.

I had exactly the same last November, the engineer installed the meter quickly but it took hours and hours of attempts to commission the meters. Eventually he ran out of time and had to attend another appointment and left. I have had nothing back from Bulb about remote commissioning. Interestingly the engineer said it can take 6 hours to commission manually and the appointments given are often not long enough to allow the job to be completed.

Is there any way I could have my meters commissioned remotely?



Hi @Lunastar, I’ve just dropped you an email about your billing, but I can look into this for you once we’ve got that sorted too :+1:

@Lou_at_Bulb Any more news on this software @vip and me are supposed to be waiting for? Seems to be nearly every install the engineers leave without them working.

@tigermad I would not hold your breath. I have been asking about this fix since May this year. No one at Bulb knows when this will be fixed. They claim it’s a fix that needs to be done by the meter manufacturer/SmartDCC. These external companies don’t seem to be held accountable by the incompetent Bulb. In any business if you have an external supplier, you would demand to know when things are going to be done by (service level agreement), but Bulb don’t seem to work like a normal business, they don’t ask, they just sit there and wait like lemons.

Unless of course, the external supplier has provided a date, that is so way out that Bulb are cowards to share with us. Either way Bulb in its usual way will keep fobbing you off.

To give you an idea, I was told in May, the fix would be by end of summer. Then told hopefully end of September, then October and now they won’t give me a month or year when this will be.

They keep saying it’s an industry wide problem, then we need some evidence from Bulb management, as to how they are pursuing it with Ombudsman/SmartDCC/Toshiba/Siemens. I have repeatedly asked for this and have had absolutely no response.

Bulb keep installing new meters knowing full well, some of these will not work. Yet they continue, no wonder their Support is inundated.

My biggest issue is I want to move from Bulb, but I have been told by Bulb categorically that the smart meters will not work if I move, they will remain dumb for god know how long.

I have now gone to Ombudsman (for the second time relating to Bulb/Smart meters). I urge everyone whose smart meters are not working to go to Ombudsman, you will get compensation, it will create more work for Bulb customer service, it will hit their bottom line, and then perhaps they might pull their finger out.
Alternatively, if you are thinking of having a smart meter installed DON’T DO IT, that way Bulb will miss their target and again be fined which will hit their bottom line.
Also, if your Smart Meters are not working, please put a negative review on Trustpilot. This will also impact their new customer acquisition, thus hitting their bottom line and again hopefully, they might pull their finger out.

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Smart meters are not smart at all.

They just put meter readers out of work, you don’t save any money by having them in fact, the implementation of smart meters has cost everyone money. You will only save if you switch things off or get more efficient variations, ie LED TV instead of an old tube TV, led bulbs instead tungsten filament and so on. Save more money boiling a full kettle and filling up a thermos and use it for brews all day long.

can you get old meters updated with a new meter but not a smart meter?

Say no to putting people out of work using false claims!

@Vip bulb told me on here I can still move companies. I have contacted new companies and they said they can resolve them at some point. Deciding who to go with.

@Tigermad so what if your new company says they can’t do anything to get the meter commissioned, because Bulb messed up in the first place with the install and commissioning, and that they will not give you a new smart meter. What then?

You see I am not convinced, because you know for sure one will blame the other, just to save money.

Regardless, it’s Bulb’s mess and they should clear it up. Why should it be left to someone else to do it.