Smart Meter and over charging of bills

Hi. I was hoping to get some help/advise. I have spoken with bulb on numerous occasions to try u sweat and how my bill is £540 in debit and how my payments have rocketed to £244 a month. I understand the energy bill crisis and raising of bills but I live in a one bedroom house, heating has been turned off for two months now, I only use a air fryer to cook not my oven, I have been living in this house for 6 months now. How am I paying so much and have a bill in debit of over £500? I applied for a smart meter 3 months ago, was told what day and time they would be here, they never showed. I called back into bulb to be told my account is deleted they have no records of me! Yet they send me bills by post, email and take a direct debit for my bill.I now get told there is no availability for me to have a smart meter installed! These people are so unreliable, over charging and won’t give me answers as to why my bills are so high and in debit!

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Hi @Clint

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From reviewing your account I can see that you did not provide a reading when you joined so February was the first time we had a meter reading from you and then again in May. Therefore we have been using estimates in the meantime. The high bill is therefore a reflection of how much we had been underestimating your usage previously, as well as your consumption for the month. This is why the bill has jumped from the estimation to actual usage, to prevent shock bills such as this, we do advise entering your meter readings at least every other month . The more readings we get, the more accurate our estimates will be.

The good news is you are eligible for a free smart meter installation- Bulb account This way you can keep an eye on your usage and we will receive your readings automatically for more accurate bills.

–Suki :hibiscus: