Smart meter and solar panel compatibility

I’ve had smart meters for gas and electric installed today and now I notice that the Feed-in from my solar panels is no longer working. And the energy consumption display provided with my smart meters is still trying to get current data - it’s been like that for the past 2+ hours.

Should my electric smart meter work with my panels? What’s a realistic time for the monitor to get energy usage figures?

The installer didn’t alert me that there might be any issues.

Thanx in advance

Lack of electric usage display on the IHD is known fault unrelated to your solar installation. Bulb are working on a fix.

What do you mean by “Feed-in from my solar panels is no longer working”? How do you know? What are the symptoms?

Hi Hooloovoo - Thanx for the response.
I noticed after submitting my post that there were many others commenting about lack of display. And I now see that I’m having the same issue. (BTW, same as many others - the gas usage is being displayed now but no electric as yet.)
Good question about how I know whether my panels are working correctly. I’ll monitor today have taken a reading now and will check what happens as the day progresses. My concern was because the invertor has an error which will not clear. I did have a look at the smart meter installation and noticed that a sensor for the solar panel system was left dangling on the floor so it seems the installer didn’t put things back as they ought to have been. Either that or the sensor clip may have got undone after he left.
After I’ve confirmed that the feed-in is working, I’ll see abouit the sensor.

well, coming on to 2 months now and I still have no electric usage information on the IHD. Gas is still fine…

OMG, i’ve just had the not very smart meters fitted and like yourself have lost all my solar panel readings. did you ever get it sorted? I’m considering getting someone in to reconnect my owl intuition app

It would seem that @CranburySquash’s problems were related purely to a current clamp that hadn’t been refitted to a cable. This is independent of the smart meter In Home Display.