Smart meter and solar panel generation

What I have long wanted to be able to do is to see how much contribution to my energy use my solar panels make in real time. I have a first generation ‘smart’ meter that has hooked up with Bulb but my remote display, made by Secure, provides rather vague and not overly useful data. All I want is to be able to see when I am generating all I use, when I am pulling in power from the grid and when I am exporting surplus energy. Seen posts on this but it seems there is not a ‘simple’ solution.

Yeah, most of these people have advanced monitoring systems using things like the tesla powerwall, and other integrations. You could hook up energy monitoring clamps around your system, but that would still require calculating things in your head.

Hi @BSA650 Thanks for posting and welcome to Bulb Community!

As @izzyhunt said, integration is the way to go for more detailed and fully live usage data right now. I’ve linked a post below that you may find interesting, if you reply to a couple of the commenters there then they may be able to recommend an app or program for your needs.

Unfortunately, my SMETS 1 meter will not work with the app and the online readings I used to get suggested I was using exactly the same amount of energy per day. These readings have now reverted back to just a monthly figure, with the last one estimated. So all really rather dumb unfortunately. Unlike some I do not blame Bulb but the rushed process to get to smart meters. The one I have is unable to do what I was told it would do. I also find it a pain to read, the scrolling through to various different readings proving a confusion rather than a help as the import data is either incorrect or the one from my solar panels is wrong. Multiply my poor experience with SMET 1 meters and you can see the ‘industry’ has a big problem and one it will not resolve for a long time yet.

Hey @BSA650 Your most recent statement is to a smart reading, if you’d prefer to have daily readings taken instead of monthly you can update this here.

Smets1 meters were only designed to be connected to by the installing supplier, which is why enrolling them onto the national smart network has proven a little difficult. Fortunately we can now receive smart readings from most of the SMETS1 meters that Bulb supplies. We’ve only ever installed SMETS2 meters which can be connected to by other suppliers if/when that person switches away :+1:

Matthew I have had 1/2 readings etc and initially I got daily readings but they were the same for every day. Not blaming Bulb just pointing out the SMETS 1 meter I have is not over useful or at least yet. It reads my meter once a month but nothing else of value.

@BSA650 I can understand your frustration with this. Unfortunately we’re unable to communicate with the In Home Display if this is where you’re referring to the same reading showing up. Your readings will show on the Bulb Account itself around your billing date

This is on the website. My IHD was never much use and remains as dim witted now as it did when new. Not bulb but an industry over promising as the info I get is not overly helpful. I did get daily reading on the web graph but they were always the same for each day and now have reverted back to monthly readings. This is not a big deal just a shame as I just want to see the impact my solar panels have in ‘real time’.

@BSA650, I’m going to raise this with my colleague to see what we can do about this. For your graphs to show correctly, your readings need to be set to half-hourly on both your Bulb account and the Secure system. If they aren’t already, do I have your consent to change your meter reading intervals on the Secure system to half-hourly too?

Of course, but I have done this and checked the setting is half hourly. I think maybe the meter has trouble sending data out. My car charger has a sim card that has yet to do what it is supposed to do either.