Smart meter anyone got one on economy 7

I had a smart meter fitted 16 days ago

It works and talk to the IHD, but it is much worse from my point of view than my old meter.

Within a few seconds I could check my peak and off peak usage on the old meter.
With the new meter I am in the dark as to my usage.
My IHD only shows one rate (peak) and one amount of units used (peak) at all times of the day.
My meter does change the act rate to off peak at some unknown time and I know it changes to peak at about 08:30.

I have tried to work out what I am using off peak with no success.

Looking at the meter

It shows £39.07 kwh before holding A down for a couple of seconds
Holding A down for a couple of seconds opens up some additional readings.

  1. Time this is correct
  2. Date this is correct
  3. It says credit mode ( I assume because I pay by DD as opposed to key meter)
  4. Act tariff price (shows the peak rate)
  5. Standing charge show £0.20
  6. MPAN number is correct
  7. Says bulb
  8. Shows bulb phone number
  9. Total act import 00266 kwh
  10. Total act export 00000 kwh
  11. Meter balance £39.08
  12. Customer ID 0000 (is this key to why the IHD does not know about my 2 rates, because they have not registered me properly?) They do recieve readng from the meter according to my account on the website

If I cycle through the system I never see the off peak units, but here is the interesting bit
13. I had to write down the string of characters next
it was of the format v38030nnn 33cctnn

where n stand for some numbers which I have omitted in case this number is unique to me

It took a while for me to write this down and while I was writing the display suddenly changed to show
Rate act 01 00153kwh

Upon checking after some (but not all) steps through the cycle it show the same screen, takes about 20 seconds to display this when I don’t touch button A.

It never shows any other rate for 02.

I am assuming that the units used are 266 total and 153 for the peak leaving 113 for off peak.

So this leave 3 questions.
• Are my calculations correct?
• Is there an easier way to see off peak units quickly?
• As this is a retrograde step and defeats the object for me of having a smart meter is it possible to go back to a dumb meter. Has anyone done this with Bulb?
A final question. I knew my old off peak times, Bulb have conformed that they agree with these times. The meter thinks otherwise!!!

Either the meter displays the wrong rate but I am being charged the right rate
The meter has changed its times and not told Bulb or me.

Sorry for long post but if someone who has economy 7 on smets 2 smart meter can assist that would be brilliant

I’m in the same position as you.

The in house display only knows about the peak rate.

I also struggled to find out how to read the two rates!

Are bulb going to change the IHD so they understand the two rates? The budget etc seems irrelevant without it.
How does the new three-rate smart plan work?

I find if I wait 20 seconds it displays the current rate (01 or 02) depending on the time of day.

Adz - are you saying you wait 20 sec. on the IHD or the actual meter?
New smart meter fitted on Wednesday. Before this it was simple to see the two different readings with a press of a button on the meter.
I have the same problem in not knowing whether the actual meter is switching from one rate to another (at the correct time) or not, as there is no indication on the IHD for the two rates. It seems to be giving information for only the peak rate, with no way of determining separate amounts for peak and off peak. I hope I’m wrong - I don’t want to be charged the higher day rate all day!

I had a Smart Meter fitted at the beginning of August and was on E7. Unfortunately this doesn’t work at all due to the meter being in a dead spot to the mobile network. By pressing the buttons on the meter I can only see one rate so cannot give any E7 meter readings via the App. I’ve been onto Bulb to ask if I’ve got a one rate meter or, if not, how can I manually get the two readings to submit to them. The answer I’ve currently got (after sending in pics of the meter to a Bulb) is that it APPEARS that I have a one rate meter and that they need to change my tariff at their end (NB: on my usage having one rate instead of E7 will make little difference to bill). However, this has not happened to date and so my electricity is being estimated based on the old E7 meter readings when the meter has long gone!. This is NOT a very satisfactory state of affairs at all as I like my actual usage to be billed so that I am on top of it.

We have been given smart meters that are nowhere near as smart as my old dumb meter. The meter has only one job really, to record how many units I use at each rate.

If it is recording it then these meters are not really “people persons” they are introverts who just don’t want to talk to you.

They are not fit for purpose and if we had paid for them getting a refund would have been quite easy. But we are stuck with a device that does not work and can’t do anything about it. Moving to another supplier with these meters is likely to create an even worse situation.

I am starting to worry about the future of Artificial intelligence if the is the type of technology that will be making decisions for us in the future,

Well last night I was awake when the rate changed to night time and indeed the IHD showed the correct E7 rate for off peak, so that’s something. I presume it is switching at the correct times. The day rate is correct.
However, the IHD has to be turned off, then on again to show the electricity usage. After about a minute the info for electricity disappears with the message ‘Electricity data unavailable…’ scrolling on the bottom, and the IHT has to be rebooted to get a reading back again, albeit only for another minute, when the cycle has to be repeated. Gas readings seem to be OK.

@bill6768 out of interest does your IHD show a customer number. My IHD does NOT update to show of peak rate (my meter does) but I have always thought that this is because it was never completely commissioned.

Electricity CIN is 0000. Gas is ----- Waiting for (CIN)
Annoyingly my IHD only gives info for electricity for about a minute or so before ‘data unavailable’ appears and it has to be rebooted. That’s with 3 or 4 bars for the meter connection.

same issue

It shows Rate 01 during the day, if I press A, all letters go to a block mode then if I long press A, it cycles through the things you said