Smart meter API


All the topics about this that I found were from 2018, so here goes nothing: Does Bulb provide any API for their customers to get a reading of their smart meter on demand? This would be quite interesting for some home projects.



Still no API yet.

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+1 this would be very cool!

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An API for current current/hourly/daily usage would be just fab. Idea seems to have been hanging around for ages without getting anywhere.

Access to all of the data that they give to Samsung is the minimum I would expect - surely if they can give my data to Samsung, they can give it to me.
The new IHDs have a built in CAD, so why can I not access the data collected by my CONSUMER ACCESS device?

Maybe Chameleon would be the people to speak to, looks like the hardware they make is designed to report to their cloud. I’m not optimistic… just done a site search of and it doesn’t even include the phrase GDPR

Pretty much every CAD has a manufacturer that wants to insert themselves as a platform between us and our data. It’s not acceptable. But as yet there’s no way around it. I see this has come up a few times on the community over the last couple of weeks. There’s quite a few of us now leaning on Bulb to make our data easily and programmatically available.

because they can’t charge you to access your own data, but they can charge samsung, bulb are a profit making company, not a charity :slight_smile:

I mean I guess worst case there is the option to send a daily email demanding our own data from the previous day, under the data protection act or something similar?

As you say bulb is a for profit organisation. An API will be cheaper for them.

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Interesting. I had assumed they would have to pay Samsung for using the Smartthings service. Or at the very least it would be a no cost service that Samsung provide in return for getting access to the data. I very much doubt Bulb get paid by Samsung.

I think I’m going to start asking monthly, starting from January 1 for my data from December. It’s easy enough to automate sending an email so no hardship for me, but a lot of hassle for them …

I have a genral rule … data is the new high value currency, its the reason why I’m not moving to smart meters until I have control over my OWN data and who has access to it, and above all get paid for giving away my valuable usage data :slight_smile:

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@jh27 @Pauli @dragaoazulg @jchidley I now have a cron job setup to automatically fire off an email on the 1st of every month, requesting the half-hourly data from the previous month. Will be interesting to see what happens …

I’ll be doing something similar when my meters are fully operational with Bulb’s systems. Hopefully by the end of January. IHD and the meters are working fine within my home.

I just rechecked everything because I could not remember what data comes from what source. This document has the details. If all the systems are working correctly then Bulb should be able to get the 1/2 hour data directly from the meters, via the DCC supplied network: requesting that data is a good systems test @Hooloovoo.

The IHD or another CAD can get data every 10s from the electric meter - if it has permission and if an application is written to request it.

Gas data is only available every 1/2 hour: I guess because the gas meter is battery powered only. 10 year lifetime, readings every half an hour: someone did a good job with power management.

Yes, that’s my understanding of the data sources and cadence.

e.g., my IHD updates electric power usage every 10 seconds. This is why we need a CAD on our local network if we want to access the high cadence data. Otherwise we’re limited to the low cadence half-hourly data that are uploaded directly to the supplier (via the DCC). Bulb do not upload the half-hourly gas data, only electric, since gas doesn’t have such a flexible charging structure and daily readings is sufficient.

As we both agree, the fact that other third-party companies want to insert themselves as a cloud platform between us and our CAD is not acceptable.

It appears as if any DCC user can request 1/2 data. That covers a lot of companies. It does require our consent. I’m sure that that consent will be hidden in all sorts of Terms and Conditions.

@ChameleonTechnology I have an IHD6 which includes WiFi. Clearly you can give access to 3rd parties (e.g. Samsung) to my data via your device. How do I get equivalent direct access to my data via your device over WiFi?


The SmartThings integration is giving me usage statistics every minute - via a webhook into Home Assistant. This is perfectly adequate for my needs. Although the figures are in cumulative kWh consumption, I can estimate the instantaneous consumption in Watts by using a Derivative sensor -

I really don’t mind going via SmartThings as long as I can get my hands on the data - which I can :grinning:

Hi @ruthdonna, this all sounds super cool and I love how involved you’re getting in all things data! :pager: Let us know if you have any questions or need a hand with anything.

Some time back (a year? more?) I read a discussion about Bulb and an API, and someone had a (python? probably) script that scraped usage info from the bulb account web page, to spit out some basic usage data.

I can’t find that now, having tried a few different searches.

Does anyone remember this, have such a thing working, or know anything in this area?

I’m not much of a python coder but I can tinker and modify an existing framework to suit my own needs, whereas I wouldn’t know where to start to write such a thing from scratch.

Please let me know if you remember this, or if there’s a reason it won’t work / didn’t work / no longer works