Smart meter API

Hi @Sheddyian

I’m not sure about the thread you’re referring to, however we’re aware that lots of Bulb Community members would like to be able to export smart usage data to their own API.

We have recently made improvements to the smart usage data view within the Bulb Account and you can change your reading frequency here.

I’m disappointed to see that nothing has really changed since I last looked into smart meters a few years ago.

Until I can get a CAD that exposes my usage data on a local API, I won’t be getting a smart meter.

I wonder if Bulb are assessing alternatives to Chameleon? Or can Bulb pressure Chameleon to add a local API to their CADs?

Hey @Hamish :wave: Welcome to Bulb community! We hope you enjoy using our forum :blush:

We’ll pass your feedback unto our smart teams! They’ll appreciate this and hopefully it’s something that we can look into doing in the future :crossed_fingers: