Smart Meter / App not updating

We were swapped to a new set of Smart Meters yesterday and we have the in home HD6 display

That seems to be working and connecting to our meters and BULB.

I have installed the iPhone App from the App Store and added the HD6 - it says it is CONNECTED

No data seems to be reaching the app in my phone…it was empty for 24 hours…I removed the device from the app and added it back and re-paired it but still no data showing

Is it just a question of being more patient and waiting or might I have missed a step ?

Hi @steve8 :wave:

Welcome to Community! & exciting to hear about the new meter :partying_face:

As it was only installed yesterday, we’re still waiting for the meter technical details to be sent over by the installers- this can take a couple of days and then we’ll be able to set it up with the smart meter readings. It’s just because its only been 24 hours that it hasn’t updated yet and you won’t be seeing smart meter readings on the account yet.

Bear with us for the week and it should get sorted- if its still not sorted by around the end of next week just pop us a message here and we’ll take a look into it :relaxed:

– H :bulb:

Hi Holly - I looked more closely at the IHD and it is only showing GAS usage and nothing from the electricity - could this be wy we see nothing on the app as well ? Is this also normal ?

Hi Steve,

Glad to hear its showing gas! That’s good news :partying_face:

It should start working fully for both within a week! But yeah, if the IHD isn’t showing the elec yet the app won’t be either as we won’t have drawn these from your meter yet. It’s due to what I mentioned before about waiting for the meter exchange data coming over to us so it hasn’t updated yet.

Can you let us know if nothing’s changed by the middle-end of next week? If not we can manually update what’s needed for you :blush:

Hi Holly - we are still looking at GAS only on the IHD and no data at all on the App

Hi @steve8 :wave:

I’m just doing some manual work on the account to get all the necessary details added.

I’ve sent you an email so will follow up when finished :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Cara - we still have no electricity usage visible and nothing on the iPhone app