Smart meter app.

Hi is the an app for the smart meter. Android ? Thanks

Bulb have an Android app. But it isn’t a “smart meter” app.

It needs to be though. Why not?

I have the samsung / bulb app on my android but my husband who is an iphone user also has the same app, it works on both. You have to download Smart things from the app store or google play and then the bulb tile. I love it since i can now see what i’m (or rather the kids) are using and what it costs me in real time. we’ve made big changes since seeing our fuel costs minute by minute and we should make a really big saving on our next bill, i heartily recommend downloading it, but I warn you it’s quite addictive :slight_smile:

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I too have the Samsung Smart things app, but it’s very clunky. I want to see my current (not cumulative) usage. I can see it on the IHD6, but not the app.

Hello. Just looking for the app you mention, could you tell me what you mean by the ‘bulb tile’. I have the bulb app installed already if that’s what you mean. Thank you.

it’s an app you can download from smartthings and you get all the info from the IHD to your phone but it cool graphs etc…
you have to go to the app store and download smartthings app (its free) then add BULB as a device, it talks you through the install process which only takes 2 mins … it’s really addictive AND more importantly has shown me where I’m using energy (like how much it costs to run stuff on standby etc)

Thanks very much for that - really helpful!