Smart Meter Appointments

Anyone else having any issues getting a smart meter appointment? Website always says “no appointments available, check back later”. Only so long I can do this for. With the increase in tariff, reducing usage is only way we can save money - unless we switch to another supplier who promise to fit a smart meter!!

A smart meter does not reduce usage…You do!
A smart can possibly make you more aware of usage but YOU still have to reduce it.


such as turning off everything that’s on standby, TV’s PC’s Xbox Ps4, etc, etc smart meters only save with your help. ie stop being to lazy to turn things off at wall instead of with REMOTE
BTW Somebody worked out that if they followed this practice in the USA they would save $2b pa and shut down 44 power stations

well aware of that, thanks. But a smart meter will help one identify what is using the most energy and at what times. Things on standby are the obvious behavioural changes, but our space heating and hot water is provided by electricity and thus our electricity bills are higher than we would want them to be. The other benefit of a smart meter is you can move to half-hourly billing and move some usage out of peak periods to benefit from lower rates.

There’s a similar statistic in the UK, where a high percentage of total grid capacity is used for devices left on standby. The other issue is that standby modes use far more energy than they need to, behavioural changes are only part of the solution, particularly as many people just wont bother, either because the reduction in bills wouldn’t be convincing enough, they are bothered at all about reduction in bills, they aren’t bothered about climate change or a combination of all three.

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messaged them yesterday, at least they responded, but just said no appointments available and they don’t notify me when that changes, I have to keep trying just in case there’s appointments. Not great really!!