Smart meter apprehension...


I wonder if anyone can alleviate my concerns on smart meters…

When we were with British Gas, I took a meter reading every month and they gave me the amount I had to pay via the app the moment I submitted the reading (I wish bulbs did this).

When the big companies introduced smart meters I resisted after I heard stories that the smart meters were submitting incorrect readings and people were getting charged too much.

I’m wondering if anybody could alleviate my fears of inaccurate readings ? Do people still check bills against the physical meters at houses from time to time?!


Hi @nick2866 - Thanks for your question. We’ll still try to send an actual meter reader in at least once a year even if you had a smart meter. You’ll also still be able to check the reading from the meter itself and if it was faulty we’d get it replaced.

Meter faults are pretty rare though, the majority of meters that are sent for accuracy tests are found to be working as normal.

We will never force a Smart meter on anyone, if you don’t want one you can stick with your existing meter. Energy Suppliers are only required to offer smart meters, we can’t force an installation (nor would we want to).

thanks for that. Would smart meters mean that Id know exactly how much i would be paying on any given month at any given time? (rather than waiting till the next bill).

Hi @nick2866 - that’s the aim - the in home display should be able to show you what you’ve used on a daily basis, so that you can make more informed decisions on when to use appliances etc.

cool - but im assuming we’d still pay the fixed monthly payment rather than the exact amount?