Smart Meter Being Used?

I joined Bulb from OVO a month ago. I have OVO Smart Meters but I don’t know if these are being used by Bulb or if I need to give meter readings.
Can anyone advise?

Hi @david.kelly1083 Thanks for making the switch and welcome to Bulb Community!

We’re now able to take smart readings from the majority of first generation smart meters including yours, so you won’t need to submit readings to us manually.

To double check this go to your latest statement where the usage breakdown will show ‘read’ rather than ‘estimated’ read

Many thanks for this confirmation.

No problem @david.kelly1083

If you do get your bills from Bulb reading your Smart Meters I would love to know! I have been with Bulb for almost 2 years and am still only getting estimates bills!! I am disabled and I cannot read my meters because they are too high up! Just before Lockdown, after months and months of me contacting Bulb, a chap came to read the meters… he didn’t understand HOW to read them! Finally, last Thursday, a chap came that could read them. I got a statement today and my bill is still ESTIMATED! I am really worried that by the time I get an accurate bill I won’t be able to pay it! Phoned today and a lovely chap is going to try and find out what is going on! :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Hi @HelenAnn, thanks for posting and letting us know. I’m glad this is being looked into by one of my colleagues and that you had a good call with them today. Let us know if we can help with anything too!

Hi Helen; I’ve only been with Bulb for just over a month so early days however they have confirmed that they are using the Smart meters installed by my previous provider, (OVO).
I have checked my statement, (I’ve only had one so far), and the readings say “Read” beside the figures so I guess it’s working as it should.
Sorry to hear you’ve had problems. If you were local to me I would offer to come and read the meters for you! Hope you get it sorted.

Hi David! Certainly sounds like yours have been read then! I was told, months ago, that Bulb WOULD be able to read my Series 1 Smart Meters by the end of spring/ beginning of summer 2020, but, hey ho, here I am again with estimated readings! The chap I spoke to today made enquiries and DID call me back saying that he had sent a message to the department that deals with series 1 meter readings and that hopefully that will trigger someone into looking at the possibility of mine being remotely read! The fact that yours were fitted by OVO makes me more hopeful as mine were too! :crossed_fingers::pray:t2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Fingers crossed for you! :+1::crossed_fingers::+1:

Hey @HelenAnn Do let us know if we can chase anything up for you at any time!

Thanks for sharing your experience @david.kelly1083 , you’re a star :star2: