Smart meter billing and questions never followed up

I have been a Bulb member since December 2019, initially on prepayment and moved to credit smart meters in March 2020.

Since then I have had two issues:

  1. For three months running I never receive a bill on my scheduled billing date (6th). I have to specifically request one each time, and then I receive one. I should not have to request a bill! I am given a different reason each time - smart meter not communicating (it shows full signal), etc, etc. I do not believe there is any issue with the smart meter.

  2. IHD is working and logging data but the tariff is out of date. Despite using the reset page multiple times, and queries submitted to the smart meter team, it is never followed up and never gets resolved. The IHD receives its data locally from the meters, but the tariff must be updated by Bulb - again indicating that the problem is on Bulb’s end. I am having to use the SmartThings app to even get accurate information on cost - this is the whole point of a smart meter!

Whilst I accept that smart meters have teething problems, what I am unhappy about is I am having to contact Bulb multiple times on the same issue, to be promised responses and investigations which are then seemingly ignored and never followed up.

Today is the 6th and again I have not received a statement. I do, however, get constant nagging to increase my monthly payments. How can I look to increase my monthly payments, when I have no clear visibility of my usage?

If these issues were resolved, I would be happy with Bulb, but unless these can be resolved promptly your eight limbed competitor will have to be the next option.

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Hi @timr11

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your smart meter. You’re absolutely right, they’re meant to make life easier for you, and you definitely shouldn’t have had to contact us so many times.

There are a few reasons that cause installing smart meters to delay billing on rare occasions. They mostly relate to us not getting the full details of the meter exchange, causing errors on our internal systems.

I’m going to email you to resolve those issues directly, and hopefully we can keep you away from our tentacled friend a little while longer :bulb:

Hi Tenants have left my house 7 weeks ago everything has been turned off until this week. I seem to have used 600 units of electricity and 100 units of gas and have a bill of £82.88 I wondered if there is a standing charge and how I can find a breakdown

If you have a bill for £82.88, I assume you have a statement which shoukld show the breakdown?

Hi @richard10, I’ve popped you an email to help with this now. Please get back to me there if you have any questions.