Smart Meter Booking - Are your meters easy to access?


We recently got an invite for a smart meter installation.

The question regarding Meter accessibility mentions, - “This means the meters are not hard to reach, have about 2ft of free space around them, and aren’t more than 8ft above the ground.”

Our meters are together in a cupboard in the kitchen. They are easy to access and read but do not have 2ft free space around them in all directions for e.g from the left wall to the side of the electrical meter is about 6.5 inches and fairly similar to the side of the gas meter on the right wall. So the space is more confined.

Does this prevent us from booking as everything else looks to check out.?



Better to send a photo of the meters to Bulb and let them decide.
If the fitter arrives and is unable to fit them you’ll be charged £30.

Good point Johno, thanks :slight_smile:

Sent an email to Bulb with a photo on the 29th Sep, no rely yet.